My Fayre Ladye

My Fayre Ladye cover


      Titles, Composers and Timings:

Quam pulcra es Sarum Chant (pub. 1502) 3:02
Quam pulcra es John Dunstable (c. 1390 - 1453) 2:20
Ibo michi mortem mirre Sarum Chant 2:16
Who shall have my fayre ladye Anonymous 1:55
Salve regina misericordie Sarum Chant 6:41
Adew mes amours William Cornysh (d. 1523) 2:10
A robyn, gentyl robyn William Cornysh 2:46
Iff I had wytt' for to endyght Anonymous 3:04
Quid petis o fili? Richard Pygott (b.c. 1485) 8:39
Tota pulcra es Sarum Chant 2:26
Up Y Arose Anonymous 2:51
And I war a maydyn Anonymous 1:30
Blow thi horne hunter William Cornysh 3:13
Anima mea liquefacta est Sarum Chant 1:47
O regina mundi clara John Browne (fl. 1490) 13:41
Beata Dei genitrix Sarum Chant 1:39
Total time:  60:09

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