Field of Gold

Music of D�tente

Francois I by TitianHenryVIII.jpg (18627 bytes)Before there was the Chunnel, there was the Field of Cloth of Gold. In 1520 the courts of Henry VIII of England and Francois I of France held an elaborate diplomatic summit in an attempt to seal an alliance between the two nations.  No expense was spared: the royal retinues included the finest singers and composers of the day to supply music for the sumptuous banquets, dances, and tournaments, as well as a solemn Mass in which the royal chapels of both kingdoms took turns singing their own native polyphony.  Lionheart premiered Field of Gold on February 11, 2001 as part of the Music Before 1800 series at Corpus Christi Church.

Field of Gold

A Royal Musical Celebration


Whiles life or breath

William Cornysh

England, be glad


Let not us that young men be


Bon temps, las!

Johns. de Sancto Martino

J�ay mis mon cueur

 Matheiu Gascongne

La, la, la, l�oysillon du bois

 Jean Mouton


[Introit for Trinity Sunday]

Sarum Chant

Kyrie, Missa Benedictus Dominus Deus


Gloria, The Mean Mass

John Taverner

[Gradual, TS]

Sarum Chant

[Alleluia, TS]

 Sarum Chant

Ave sanctissima Maria



Tous nobles cuers


Reveill�s vous, amoureux


En douleur et tristesse


Je le lesray, puisqu�il m�y bat

Antoine de F�vin

Je le lesray, puisqui�il m�y bat


I am a jolly foster


Somwhat musing

 attrib. Robert Fayfax


[Offertory, TS]

Sarum Chant

Sanctus, The Mean Mass


Agnus, Missa Benedictus Dominus Deus


[Communion, TS]

Sarum Chant

Doulce memoire � 2


Doulce m�moire � 3

 Josquin Baston

Doulce m�moire � 4

 Pierre Sandrin


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