Ockeghem with glasses ". . . the music of this 15th-century Flemish master has seldom sounded so princely. The combined sound of the two groups in the resonant church was mystical. These vocalists understand that by singing with open, focused tone and steady, unforced production, their sound will linger and resonate with haunting beauty. . .The structure of the 75-minute program, performed without break, was musically and spiritually effective. . . Voices overlap in continually surprising ways, and melodic lines spin out ethereally, while the inevitable cantus firmus line in the texture keeps the music grounded and inexorable. . . May these two estimable ensembles sing together often." -- Anthony Tomassini, New York Times, May 20, 1998.

Ockeghem, Prince of Musicians


Antiphon: Ave Maria Plainsong
Motet: Alma redemptoris Mater Ockeghem
Introit: Salve sancta parens Plainsong
Kyrie: Missa Mi-Mi Ockeghem
Gloria: Missa Mi-Mi Ockeghem
Epistle: Ab inicio et ante secula Plainsong
Gradual: Benedicta et venerabilis Plainsong
Alleluya: Virga Yesse floruit Plainsong
Motet: Salve Regina Ockeghem
Gospel: Factum est dum loqueretur Plainsong
Credo: Missa Mi-Mi Ockeghem
Offertory: Felix namque Plainsong
Sanctus: Missa Mi-Mi Ockeghem
Agnus Dei: Missa Mi-Mi Plainsong
Communion: Regina mundi Plainsong
Motet: Ave Maria Ockeghem
Hostias Et preces (from the Requiem) Ockeghem
D´┐Żploration: Nymphes des bois Josquin

Ockeghem manuscript

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