Paris 1200

Paris 1200 Cover "In our present day, exciting new technologies embody the same yearning spiritual impulses exhibited in the visionary building of Notre Dame Cathedral.   The primitive urge for experience beyond the plane of routine existence endures; the contemporary extension of science presents its own set of gothic questions about the design of tomorrow.  Much like the late 12th century transcendental clerics must have thought, the solutions to the unknown must hover high above the resolute towers of Notre Dame of Paris: her girded spires reach incompletely skyward, our imaginations inevitably lifting us toward the promising illumination of a new time."  Jeffrey Johnson

Close your eyes and you are in the new Cathedral of Notre Dame back in the 13th century." -- Donald Collester, WDVR-FM

Notre Dame Breves dies hominis
Notre Dame Virtutum thronus frangitur
Anonymous Pange melos
Notre Dame Procurans odium
St. Martial Sic mea fata
Anonymous Diffusa est gratia
Anonymous Veneris prosperis
Notre Dame Ave Maria, fons letitiae
Notre Dame Responsory: Te Sanctum
Notre Dame Mors vite propitia
Notre Dame Ave Virgo Virginum
Notre Dame Responsory: Gaude Maria
Notre Dame O curas hominum
Notre Dame Veris ad imperia
Anonymous Olim sudor Herculis
Notre Dame Condimentum nostre spei
Notre Dame Mens fidem seminat
Notre Dame Mundus vergens
Anonymous Exiit diluculo
Notre Dame Veste nuptiali

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