Office of the Dead Lionheart's debut concert, prompting Allan Kozinn of The New York Times to exclaim that the program "...allowed Lionheart to show its considerable strengths...the plainchant...had an eerie serenity and was beautifully unified...smoothly blended and impeccably balanced sound...virtually vibrato-less purity."  The complete Mass for the Dead, as it might have been conducted for Philip the Fair, King of Castile, who died in 1506.

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Requiem for Philip the Fair

Introit Requiem aeternam Chant
Kyrie Missa L'homme arm� Josquin des Prez (c.1440--1521)
Collect For a man deceased Chant
Lesson 2 Mach. 12:43-46 Chant
Gradual Si ambulem in medio umbrae Chant
Tract Sicut cervus Pierre de La Rue (c.1460--1518)
Sequence Dies irae Chant
Gospel John 6:37-40 Chant
Offertory Domine Jesu christe Chant
Motet Dilecta juventutis Pierre de La Rue
Preface For the dead Chant
Sanctus Missa L'homme arm� Josquin des Prez
Pater noster   Chant
Agnus Dei Missa L'homme arm� Josquin des Prez
Communion Lux aeterna Chant
Postcommunion For the anniversary of burial Chant
Psalm De profundis Josquin des Prez
Prayers For the dead Chant
Commendation Absolve, quaesumus Josquin des Prez
Final Prayer   Chant

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