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"The presentation was musically and historically sensible, and allowed Lionheart to show its considerable strengths...The plainchant ... had an eerie serenity and was beautifully unified...smoothly blended and impeccably balanced sound...virtually vibrato-less purity."  Lionheart sang "sensual medieval songs with earthy passion...impressive clarity and ethereal involving and refreshing intensity...Seldom has a single monophonic vocal line sounded so insinuating.  The audience wanted an encore...a vigorous, affecting performance".  --The New York Times

"...gorgeously blended...hauntingly beautiful...singing as sublime as the music; firmly projected but unforced, velvet-finished.  You could spend your money on a week at a spa, or several sessions with a shrink, but you would be hard pressed to have a more warming, calming experience than this." -- Kansas City Star

"...the kind of offbeat musical fare South Florida needs more of...a remarkable concert...perfect unisons." - Miami Herald

"...beautifully hushed quality of the artistry...a serene experience...singers sustain phrases and achieve clear balances without drawing attention to the laundry list will suffice in describing the glory of the music or the sensitivity of the singing...[Lionheart] also displayed a unified sense of humor." -- Cleveland Plain Dealer

"...sung in exquisite style by six stellar singers...excellent intonation and ensemble." -- Washington Post

"The chants are appropriately ethereal, but most interesting are the secular ballads, which provide fascinating glimpses of life during this time." -- USA Today"...[Lionheart’s] voices a jewel set in gold."  -- Los Angeles Times

...Lionheart creates a silken, meditative aura on My Fayre Ladye..." -- Denver Post

"Lionheart cultivates an ultra-refined, spiritual, and intimate approach to their singing...poised throughout...builds to a majestic climax." -- BBC Review

"[Lionheart sang] seamlessly and with mesmerizing atmosphere." -- Orange Count Register

"...the six men, with their light wiry voices twisted into a strong braid of sound, could pass for a gang of monks." -- Newsday

"Despite the antiquity of such music, Lionheart has been able to make it sound immediate and contemporary." -- Bill Parker, Net Radio

Lionheart is represented exclusively by Bernstein Artists and records for Koch International.

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