Tydyngs Trew

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The Annunciation from "The Belles Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry" Drawing on the richly beautiful, intense and often earthy heritage of medieval English music, Lionheart combines the best of the familiar with the rarely performed to recreate the world of the medieval village cloister at Christmastide.   Amidst the angelic and serene splendor of gothic motets, the lively and energetic dance rhythms of popular carols come to life, while masterpieces of the vocal repertoire transform and amplify the spiritual power of chant.

"...gorgeously blended...hauntingly beautiful...singing as sublime as the music; firmly projected but unforced, velvet-finished.  You could spend your money on a week at a spa, or several sessions with a shrink, but you would be hard pressed to have a more warming, calming experience than this." -- Kansas City Star.


Feasts of Christmas in Medieval England


      March 25: The Annunciation

Carol Nowell, nowell . . . tydyngs trew
Carol Hayl Mary, ful of grace . . . the Holi goste
Motet Venter tuus

      December 25: The Nativity

Antiphon Facta est cum angelo
Canticle Benedicite omnia opera Domini dominum
Carol As I outrode this endres night
Carol Ecce, quod natura . . . ecce novum gaudium
Motet Nesciens mater
Carol Nowel, nowel . . . Owt of your slepe aryse

      December 26: Saint Stephen

Hymn Sancte dei preciose
Carol: Eya, martir Stephane . . . of this marter make we mende

      December 27: Saint John the Evangelist

Responsory Hic est discipulus

      December 28: The Holy Innocents

Carol Worcepe we this holy day . . . Herode that was bothe wylde and wode
Carol Lully lulla . . . O sisters too

      December 29: Saint Thomas of Canterbury

Carol Seynt Thomas honour we . . . al holy chyrch

      January 6: The Epiphany

Antiphon Magi videntes stellam
Carol Ave Rex angelorum . . . Hayl most myghty in thi werking
Antiphon Alleluya, omnes de saba
Canticle Nunc dimittis

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